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Third-Party Affiliation does not have any professional connection, through sponsorship or affiliation, to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and any other third-party partners.
• The services of do not aim to harm any social media services brand(e-g: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok).

In Addition to This
• You are responsible for complying with Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Terms and Conditions. You purchase the services of at your own risk.
• We absolve from the responsibility if your social media account gets banned or suspended whilst using our services. You are the only one accountable for your actions.
• To enjoy our services, you will need to provide your social media account username. Your username will save securely in our database and we will not shared with third-party companies.
• Be aware that using our system for the management of your any social media account (such is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), might be the cause of losing your account as there is no official agreement between those companies and
• By agreeing to our Terms and Services, we assume that you are familiar with the risks of using our system to manage your social media accounts.

Sign Up Conditions
• is intended for users that are 13 years old or older.
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• The signing up process is confirmed when you provide a valid email address and submit all the information requested at the signup form.
• Every account is meant to be used by only one user. Accounts shared by multiple users are not allowed. Nevertheless, you can create multiple logins, according to the plan you have purchased.
• By using our services, you agree to not use it for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. Under no condition, you will use our services to violate the laws and regulations of your country, including copyright or trademark laws.

Cancellation Terms
• Your account can be terminated only by your initiative. At any time, you can contact the support via email to suspend your account.
• If you choose to suspend your account before the end of your paid month, the termination will be effective immediately and you will not be charged for the following month.
• If you choose to suspend your account before the end of your current billing cycle, the termination will take place on the first day of the following cycle. You can access your account, until this date.

Service Modifications and Price Changes
• Our services, as a whole or any parts of them, might be modified, altered, or suspended without prior notice. will not take any liability from this alteration.
• The prices of our monthly and weekly subscriptions may change without any prior notice from the company. Any relevant information will be posted on the website The new pricing will be in effect from your upcoming paid period and will not apply to your already paid one.
• does not hold any responsibility towards its subscribers and third-party companies for the alteration or suspension of its services and the price change.

Refund Policy
You are not eligible to ask for a refund when the order of our digital products is confirmed. Once our products are sent and delivered, you cannot return them and get a refund. If you encounter any issues in receiving or downloading any of our digital products, please refer to our customer support. Any inquiries about our Refund Policy should be sent via email at the address