A bad Google review is every business owner’s worst nightmare, whether it is a startup or an already established business. Poor reviews about your product, service, or customer service affect your business’s reputation, both offline and online. In this post, we would be focusing on how you can remove or delete poor ratings from Google and several other important topics relating to poor reviews on Google.

We would like to state the most popular reviews business owners delete bad reviews before we go further. Nobody goes to delete a positive Google review about their business. That is why we will be looking at the reasons you may need to remove a Google review.

Why you should want to remove that Poor Google Review

The general reason to remove a Google review is that you do not want potential customers turning away due to bad ratings of your products or services. Without a doubt, many consumers make the decision to patronize your business based on customer reviews.

Statistics show that about 63% of consumers attest that they check Google reviews before moving forward to buying a product.

Also, 21% of people say when searching for local businesses, Google reviews are very important. This makes reviews more important than location proximity, estimated prices, and search engine results pages.

Is removing a review possible

No, removing a Google review is not possible. However, this does not mean there is nothing you can do about a poor Google review. Since Google doesn’t allow you just quickly to delete a bad review of your business, there are ways you can manage such reviews.

How to Manage bad Google Reviews

1. Control your Response

One of the ways of managing a bad review is by controlling your response. As a good business owner, you should have people who have been trained on how to manage a poor review and how to respond to angry customers online. It is essential not to be reactive but to be responsive. We know some reviewers can full-on attack your business’s integrity too, but instead of acting defensive. Apologize and ask for the customer to ask for the actual problem.

2. Interrogate the Bad Reviewer

Another way to tackle a bad review is by asking the reviewer honest and polite questions that they should answer if they used your product or service. It is not new to see people who have never used your product or service, leaving poor ratings for your business. So it would be best if you asked questions. These questions can go like

  • Who attended to you?
  • What is the number of the room you stayed?
  • What date were you here?

While asking these questions, you must apologize shortly after so that it wouldn’t look like your business has no empathy.

3. Learn how to Hide poor Reviews

The best way to manage or handle poor reviews is by preventing prospective customers from seeing them. One way to do this is by merely burying or pushing down the poor reviews with positive ones. You can ask clients who are delighted with your service to leave honest Google reviews of your business.

Lastly, after talking to a displeased client, you can also ask the client to please delete the negative review once the client is satisfied with your response.

Important Steps to take when you see a poor review of your business

So you just saw a bad Google review of your business. Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world. This could even help your business in ways you could not have imagined. Before we go into that, let’s show you steps you should follow whenever you encounter a negative review.

1. Be Calm

A bad review does not mean your business is about to crash, so be calm. Step back and evaluate the situation carefully. Check out if the Google review is real or fake. Get more information about the review from your team and confirm if the reviewer is a customer.

2. Respond to the Review

For your next step, please give a reply to the review and be quick about it. The most important thing to note here is that even though you think or are sure that the Google review is fake, respond to the review. A quick response shows that you put your customers’ satisfaction first.

Further, if you think the review is fake, you should do the following things;

1. Respond to the complaint and then apologize

2. Next, tell the customer that you cannot find them listed in your consumer records.

3. Give them your business’s address, so that they can contact lay a formal complaint.

4. You can also flag the review.

If the Negative Review is valid or is left by a real customer

1. Address the issue and apologize. You must avoid making any excuses

2. If the product or service was worth complaining about, assure the consumer that it won’t ever repeat itself. Also, offer to fix the current situation by either submitting a refund or another product as a replacement.

3. Flag as Inappropriate for Google to Remove the Review

If you are sure the poor review is false or in violation of Google’s policy Google allows you to flag the review so that they can delete it. Here are some ways you can do this.

How to remove a Google review on Google local

Here are some steps that should help you in taking down bad ratings from Google local

1. Log in to your Google account

2. Open Google maps

3. Enter the name of your business into the search bar

4. Choose to see reviews for your business and select all reviews

5. After locating the review, you want to remove, click the three dots at the right corner of the review and select “Flag as inappropriate.

6. Fill out the form that states “Report a Policy Violation” and then click on Submit.

4. Ensure you follow the process till the end

Follow up seems stressful, but it is crucial in business. If it is a false review, ensure that it is flagged and stay on top of the situation until Google takes down the review. If the review is justified, ensure that the department or section of your business complained about is reformed or made to meet customer’s expectations. Trust us; you do not want several people complaining about the same issue, time, and time again.

Importance of Negative reviews

You must know that poor reviews are not without their benefits. We can boldly state that there are several benefits poor reviews have on businesses. The trick, though, is learning how to control the number of poor reviews your company gets on Google and not allowing it to get out of hand.

1. They Prove that your Business is real

If your business is online without a physical location, trust us, a few poor reviews are crucial to gaining customers’ trust. Many customers are now used to seeing a mixture of negative and positive reviews. They use these reviews to make a purchasing decision. So be careful that you don’t try to push all the negative reviews down. Consumers believe that a company with only positive Google reviews is fake or buying many positive reviews.

2. Negative Google Reviews let customers know what to Expect

Negative reviews left by real customers enable intending buyers to know your products’ strong and weak sides. It also allows them to know what qualities or features they will be sacrificing to get a product at a cheaper rate.

3. Give you more Insight into your Business

Perhaps the most important and benefit of negative reviews is to show you which section of your company is underperforming. When more than three customers complain about the same issue, it will make sense for you to investigate the situation thoroughly and find ways to make that product or service better to satisfy or meet customers’ demands.

Types of people that leave Bad Google Reviews

1. The Angry Customer

The angry customer is genuine and real. This type of customer is displeased at a product or service and wants to be heard. It could be a faulty product, a wrong product, lousy customer service, or a list of several other things.

It is vital to take care of how you respond to this type of reviewer since the consumer might be a first-time reviewer or, even worse, a first time customer. Respond politely and try to get more details on the complaint.

Why do Unhappy Customers leave Negative Reviews?

They Want an Apology

Studies show that 38.9% of reviewers who left a bad business review said they wanted a public apology. So, get ready to say sorry. We also advise that you take things a step further and ask the consumer to call your office line or visit your physical office to resolve the issue.

A chance to get a Refund

We also found out that several consumers only leave bad ratings to get a refund for a product or service that wasn’t up to their expectations. Recent studies also show that 48.3% of consumers who complain would like a refund. We advise that even though you should oblige to every demand for a refund, you should be diplomatic with the customers you offer the refund option.

To prevent other people from making the Same Mistakes.

About 73% of consumers want to save other consumers from making the same mistake they made. Since many consumers read reviews, they know many prospective customers will also be reading your companies reviews before patronizing you. Always give replies to poor reviews urgently and try to get the problem sorted as soon as you can.

2. The Fake Customer

The fake customer is someone who might have been paid by most likely your competition to leave a bad review of your company. This kind of customer has not had any direct contact with your business or service. Even if they had, they most likely are the cause of any of the complaints they are leaving on Google.

To deal with this type of bad reviewer:

  1. Check your records if the person is listed in your customer records.
  2. Do not respond that the person is a faker or leaving fake reviews.
  3. Check if the person in any way is leaving good reviews of the competition.

3. The confused customer

Some customers are just confused. This kind of customer may have no idea how to use a product sold to him or didn’t know what he wanted, so on getting home; the person decides that this is not what they wanted in the first place. So the person comes on Google to leave a bad review.

Another type of confused customer is someone who leaves terrible reviews for the wrong business or product. This might be a mistake or just due to anger, but it still does not justify mixing up the review for one company and giving it to another.

Reviews that are in Violation of Google Policy

1. Spamming is a violation of Google’s review policy. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant ways businesses use to manipulate their ratings on Google. Some people can post the same thing severally using different accounts. Once Google detects this, Google will automatically delete the review.

2. Another type of review people leave Google will delete posts that do not correlate with the topic. This could be personal quotes, political or sports talk. This type of review is usually off-topic.

3. Promoting Actions that are illegal in some states or provinces. This could include promoting alcohol, drugs, and adult services.

4. Reviews that encourage or showcase illegal activity include reviews that are terrorist, copyright content, products of endangered species, human trafficking, and violence.

5. Reviews that are sexually explicit or intended to exploit children in any way.

6. Reviews that in any way are deemed to incite hatred or violence

7. Impersonation or representing someone or a brand falsely

8. Dishonest reviews involving you, an employee, or an ex-employee to discredit the competition.

How to contact Google small business support

These steps will help you in contacting Google support for businesses

1. Log on to

2. Next, move down and select “contact us.”

3. Click on “Customer reviews and Photos” and select “Manage Customer reviews.”

4. lastly, Choose any of the options to receive help via phone call, web chat, or Email. Additionally, you can contact Google support via Twitter, also using the @GoogleMyBiz to contact them through the Twitter account for your company.

We advise that you have a screenshot of the review or reviews you want to complain about when selecting the web chat option. Once someone from Google support contacts you, you, be ready to prove beyond reasonable doubt and explain why you think that Google should remove the review.

How to remove a review you left on Google Maps

Sometimes you may leave a review for a business. After submitting the review, you find out that your complaint or review wasn’t justified. Here are some steps you can take to remove a review you left on Google maps.

1. First sign in to your Google account

2. Open Googles maps and Click the “Menu” icon on the top left corner

3. Click your Contributions and pick Reviews

4. Next, scroll to the exact review you want to delete, click “More.”

5. Choose delete and follow the instructions that come after that.


How long will it take Google to remove a review?

After flagging a review as inappropriate, it can take as many as 5 to 20 days for Google to remove the review. If the review isn’t removed after being flagged as inappropriate, you can report the matter to the Google Support team. It takes Google Support a maximum of 24hours to respond to your complaints.

Is deleting a bad Google review illegal?

As a business owner, deleting honest bad reviews about your company is illegal. According to the law, it is termed as misleading consumers and giving them a false perception of your company. Manipulating reviews is also unlawful.

Is it illegal to write a fake Google review?

Writing a fake Google review is illegal and has severe consequences. So, whether you write the fake reviews yourself or provide incentives for people to leave fake reviews about your company, or write harmful reviews about a competitor, be ready for legal action to be taken against you at any time. Also, your business listing could get suspended.


Both bad and good reviews are right for your business. The delicate balance between the two should be studied and should never be taken for granted as they play crucial roles in keeping your business ranking online. It is also vital that you remember to always respond to poor reviews, whether you think they are fake or not. Ask the consumer to talk more about their experience. By doing this, your company will surely grow.

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