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The world is changing fast, and there are a lot of new businesses springing up every day. These businesses need visibility to get to their target market; this is where Google My Business comes into play. Here we aim to show you why we are the best when it comes to buying reviews that will not only boost your business rankings on Google. We also guarantee an increase in your profit margin.

Google my business shows potential customers all your business is about and where your business is located. With GMB, business owners now have the chance to market their business profiles and websites very efficiently. You can also interact with customers quickly and gauge customer satisfaction through customer reviews; this will help establish better customer relationships.

Importance of Google Maps for Local Business

Every local business needs Google maps. For this reason, we have compiled five different reasons why we think every local business needs to put up their services on Google maps.

1. Increased Visibility for Local Businesses

The most significant benefit local establishments get from Google My Business is the increased visibility on the web. With this, you don’t have to worry about SEO tricks to get into the inclusive three-pack listing because your business has a better chance of being selected into this category.

The three-pack listing is also placed above organic results when users search for related keywords on google; this, coupled with the fact that your business address is also on display, will increase your business revenue.

Research also shows that businesses that can enter the select three-pack category in google get about 700 more clicks than those that do not.

2. Makes your business more trustworthy

Trust is one of the most critical factors that customers take into consideration before patronizing a business outfit. One way that GMB helps you gain customers’ trust is by showing potential customers that your business has a location and has customers.

A physical location removes doubt from the mind of many people and helps them in making a purchase decision. Also, to be listed on GMB, you have to go through a series of processes that confirms that your business is real. People have little or no need to nothing.

3. Site Traffic and Sales is Boosted

Getting traffic to websites is one problem faced by many local businesses, but thanks to Google My Business, this has been reduced. Google records that more than 70% of the company with locations displayed attracts physical visits from users who browsed the site. Also, the likelihood of making a purchase is increased by up to 50%.

Ways you can Get Reviews on Google for your Business

Negative and positive Google reviews are critical to the growth of every company. Whether you are selling a product or rendering a service, these customer opinions of your products will affect the growth of your business.

1. Explore the Email option thoroughly

Send a message to a satisfied customer’s email address asking them to leave a review. This is one sure way to get Google reviews for your business and boost your business’s reputation. You must remember that you need to keep this email short and straight to the point. Also, include a link to your GMB listing service.

Another essential tip when sending Emails is never to let the customers feel like the Email is not authentic; they might not even bother to read the Email message.

2. Create a Review Link

A review link is vital. It is easy to input this link into every email you send, social media posts, social media profiles, and receipts. This link should lead customers directly to your listing on Google. You could also go further to create a business page where customers can write down their reviews.

3. Train your Employees on the Art of convincing customers to leave reviews

This method applies to businesses that have a physical office. Training employees in the office to ask clients who visit to leave their honest reviews on Google can work wonders. Always ensure that the employees attend to all the clients’ needs before asking for a review.

4. Buying Reviews

The idea of purchasing reviews has been in play since the days of google yelp and even though purchasing or paying someone to leave ratings for your business is illegal, there are several online reputation management ways that involve leaving 5 star online ratings without breaking any laws.

5. Respond to Customers Comments

Every customer is important; It doesn’t matter if the customer leaves a positive or a negative review; you should be ready to give every one of them a reply. Sadly, many businesses fail to realize how important it is to respond to customers’ reviews. Stats from customer reviews show that 53% of customers expect a response to their reviews, while only 36% only get replies.

Information on ways you can Remove Negative Google Reviews

Negative ratings can affect your business’s growth, so you must learn how to remove harmful or fake reviews. Here are some ways that have been tested and have been proven to be effective.

If the complaint or negative is true, respond to the review

Responding to the negative review is one of the first steps you need to take if someone or a group of people have left a bad review of your business on google. If the customers’ grievance is founded, you need to know what to say to calm the customer down. This way, other potential customers get to see that your business puts customers first and has sound customer service.

Also, if the customer with the complaint is pleased with your response, they can even go as far as deleting the negative review if you ask.

Here are some key steps you should follow to tackle a negative review

  • Respond to the online review in a polite tone
  • Do not try to defend your business but instead apologize and try to make it right
  • Do not write a long explanation in the review column, keep it brief.
  • Lastly, you need to take the review to a private chat channel, like email or through your business’s unique chat system.

When the Review is fake, Flag the Review as inappropriate

However, If you feel the negative review is fake, here are some ways which you can report to google that the review is fake promotes a competitor or is inappropriate; this is called flagging a negative review. Google will take their time to look into the matter since google has rules that govern inappropriate reviews.

1. First you need to login into your google my business account.

2. Open Google maps and search for your business

3. Select the option to view all reviews. Then scan for the review you want to report

4. Once you find the review, select the 3 dots at the top right corner

5. Next, select “flag as inappropriate” and fill out the form on violation of google policy

6. Lastly click submit and Google may delete it.

Tips on how you can ask clients to leave Google Reviews

One crucial strategy is asking clients to leave honest google reviews, and the truth is that, no matter what the clients write, it is proof that your business is real, and it should help you in doing the right thing if the reviews don’t meet your expectations. Here are several ways we accumulated, which you can use to ask clients for google reviews.

1. Request for your customers to write a review

Asking customers to write a review is one easy and straightforward way to get google reviews. It is important always to try to directly ask customers that you know were satisfied by your service or product to leave a google review. You can ask for this kind of review via email or over the phone.

2. Teach Customers how to leave reviews

Telling customers to leave reviews without teaching them how to go about it will make your efforts fruitless. To educate customers properly on how to leave reviews, customer service agents can put customers through the process, or there can be a blog on your website dedicated to teaching people how to leave reviews. The process must be easy and straightforward as no customer likes to waste time with difficult things.

3. Ask for reviews at the right time

When asking for reviews, try to make sure that you are not asking too late or too early. If it is too early, the customer might not have had the opportunity to use our product or feel the impact of the service you rendered. If it is too late, the customer might have forgotten about the product entirely or become too busy and doesn’t see the need to leave a review.

Some of the benefits of buying Google reviews

1. If you are running a business that is just starting up, you should consider buying Google reviews. Buying Google reviews will attract people’s attention since your company might not be getting enough traffic. It shows that you have happy customers and a good business reputation

2. When you buy Google reviews, you will also expose your business and the products you offer or service you render to a broader audience. You get a more extensive market reach. You are no more limited by distance since you can get your message and business across to people who are thousands of miles away.

3. Your business will also finally gain the trust and confidence it needs when you buy Google reviews. It has been proven that many people will instead make a purchase based on positive reviews than go for a product or service with no reviews at all. Negative customer ratings are better than no rating.

Reasons why you should buy Google reviews from us

Apart from the fact that we are confident in the services we render, here are a few other reasons why we think you should buy Google reviews from us.

1. Our prices are very affordable, so you do not need to break the bank to get access to top-notch Google reviews when you decide to buy Google reviews from us.

2. The second and probably the most important reason why you should purchase all your Google reviews from us is because of the quality of our reviews. Our reviews are impossible to be detected by Google as fake or purchased since we use premium IPs from several devices.

3. Also, when you use our services we make sure to use keywords that are specific to the products or services you render.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I Buy Google Reviews for Maps?
To buy Google reviews for maps, you can simply search on the internet for sites that sell Google map reviews or you can visit freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Here you can connect with us.

Is Buying 5 Star ratings on Google Enough To Boost Rank?
Among the various factors that are important in boosting your ranking on Google, Google also adds that having a positive rating can also increase your local business rankings. So it is safe to say for every 5-star ratings that your business gets, the average review rating for your business will rise.

Why are reviews important for online business?
As a business owner, your online business needs reviews just as much as physical business if not more. The reason we say they need it more is that many online businesses might not have a physical address where customers can come to verify the authenticity of the business. So since these businesses cannot be physically verified, they need help from previous ratings. These reviews will help prospective customers to trust that the brand can deliver on its promises.

Can buying reviews help to build trust?
Yes, buying Google reviews will build trust for your brand or business. Since these reviews are real and were left by real people who have had contact with your product or service, it shows prospective customers that your brand is genuine and can be trusted.

Is buying Google reviews illegal?
When you buy Google reviews, it is illegal if you in any way provide incentives or cash for the reviewers to leave those reviews and this will affect the online reputation of your company. When you buy reviews from us we take our time to evaluate your product or service before leaving reviews. Also by giving it to a customer base which we have no control over. So, you can be sure that it is not illegal.

Can Google detect fake reviews?
Yes, Google can detect fake reviews, whether 5 star or negative. However, Google uses lots of complex algorithms that it has refused to divulge to prevent hackers from finding a way to by-pass Google’s method of catching fake reviews.

Is it important to delete negative Google reviews?
Deleting Negative reviews depends on the number of happy customers, number of negative reviews, and if they are fake or real customers. If the positive reviews are very few, you need to think of a way to convince the customer to delete the negative review. If, on the other hand, the negative review is fake, the next step to take is to flag and report the negative review to Google so that they can have it deleted.


As you can see, buying Google reviews is no longer hard and it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, whether you are looking to buy Google map reviews, Google local reviews, Google Play Store reviews, or negative and positive reviews real reviews, you should know that we have a reputation of delivering on our promise of high quality. You can be rest assured that you will get reviews that will not only boost your ranking in Google but will also increase your profit

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